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Moshe Gish

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Natural Area Management, Nature Conservation, Climate Change


Office: Jacobs building, room 508

Office hours: by appointment


I studied my three academic degrees in biology (B.Sc + teaching certificate, M.Sc and Ph.D) at the University of Haifa. My Ph.D was on insect ecology and my post-doctorate at Penn State University was on plant-insect interactions. Today, my studies come under the field of nature conservation.
My viewpoint is that the way in which humans manage their natural resources is a fascinating demonstration of bad management. The easiest way to imperil our children’s future is to continue our “business as usual” strategy we have been adhering to since the beginning of the industrial age: unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and the comfortable overlooking of our negative effects on the environment. If we wish to avoid a grim future, we should not use yesterday’s strategies for the management of tomorrow’s crises. Instead, we must start thinking out of the box, developing novel strategies for managing the natural resources our existence on earth depends upon.
In my studies, I aim for a better understanding of human-induced changes in natural ecosystems and for the development of active management strategies that will improve natural ecosystems’ endurance, thus preserving their ability to provide essential ecosystem services in a future of increasing stress and uncertainty.

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  • Novel strategies for strengthening ecosystem endurance in an era of climate change
  • Invasive species
  • Free-roaming cats as a environmental threat
  • Nature Conservation
  • Environmental Education


  • Introduction to Life Sciences A – Biology
  • Introduction to Life Sciences B – Ecology
  • Nature Conservation