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The Faculty of Management’s leading objective is to be at the forefront of academic education and research, relevant to a broad range of Israeli sectors and industries in the global environment. The faculty offers a variety of MBA and MA programs in three distinct departments: the Business Administration department, the Natural Resources and Environmental Management department, and the Information and Knowledge Management department.

In addition, many doctoral students and researchers take part in the faculty’s Ph.D. programs, as well as the supplementary track toward Ph.D. studies for the completion of thesis for students who hold a Master’s degree without thesis. Accordingly, there are four research centers operating within faculty.

Acceptance conditions and requirements
Admission of students to the PhD program shall be subject to the rules and regulation of the Authority of Advanced Studies at the University of Haifa and under the supervision of the Departmental Committee for PhD students.

Primary requirements for the program admittance are:
1. A master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education in Israel or abroad;
2. A thesis grade of 87 or above and overall grades of the master's degree of at least 87 (or comparable);
3. Two letters of recommendation from academic faculty members, one of which should be from the MA thesis's supervisor;
4. Submission of a declaration of intent regarding the proposed research subject (3-4 pages long), approved by the intended advisor(s);
5. Written consent of PhD program supervisor(s), at least one of whom is a member of the department's permanent staff with the rank of senior lecturer and above;
6. The applicant's CV in Hebrew or in English.

General description of the program and basic requirements:
The PhD studies in the department are interdisciplinary and can be supervised by one or more scientific supervisors, at least one of whom is a member of the department's permanent staff.
The overall duration of the PhD program is up to four years, divided into two stages:
• Stage I: During the term of Stage I Research, the student will be required to prepare a detailed research proposal, obtain the supervisor(s)’ approval and submit the proposal to the Departmental PhD Committee, and comply with the other requirements stipulated by the PhD program acceptance letter. The duration of Stage 1 is one academic year. After the research proposal is approved by the authorized parties, the student will move to Stage II Research student.
• Stage II: The term of Stage II Research will not exceed three years. During the term of Stage II Research, the student will be required to complete PhD dissertation.

The PhD study supervisors, in coordination with the chair of the Departmental PhD Committee, will determine the PhD student’s study syllabus, based on the student's previous academic background and in accordance with the subject of the proposed research (up to 5 courses). All PhD students will be required to participate and present their research in the Departmental Doctoral Seminar (during each year of his/her studies) which takes place once a month.