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Our objective

The Master program in Management of Sustainable Built Environment offers a worldview of sustainability and urban resilience aiming on linking research to policy and practice. The program provides holistic, meaningful, up-to-date learning to enhance students' professional development and opportunities in a global and local interdisciplinary context led by academic and industry expertise. This uniquely designed program will be relevant for individuals who plan, design, build, commission, maintain or manage built environments.

Program structure

The program stretches over eight consecutive periods, each of which consists of nine weeks (hence, every course takes place in eight teaching sessions) followed by an exam week, as it is customary in the Faculty of Management. We offer two alternate tracks for a Master’s degree:

  • Track A- includes courses equivalent to 32-34 WSH (Weekly Semester Hours) and the writing of a thesis.
  • Track B- includes courses equivalent to 39-41 WSH, and completing a group project.

According to the performance of an applicant in his or her Bachelor’s degree, the MA committee may decide upon a complementary requisite study program, if need arises. Complementary studies are not part of the MA program and are not accredited courses, nor do they count in the final GPA.

All students are accepted to Track B (without thesis). By the end of the first year, those who seek to write a thesis will submit a declaration of intent, authorized by two advisers. The MA committee will weigh the student’s proposal and his or her academic achievements, and will decide upon transfer to Track A. A full research proposal, designated for outer-judgment, will be submitted no later than May of the second year of studies.


Students who successfully complete the program will be eligible for a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from the University of Haifa. An attachment to the Diploma will formally acknowledge the specialization in Management of Sustainable Built Environment.

The curriculum is dynamic and updated according to trends in contemporary enterprise, which internalizes environmental principles in decision-making, planning, operations, management and marketing organization.

The Department offers three MA and an MBA programs:

To our pride, numerous graduates of the Department are holding senior positions in organizations of all kinds, either as managers or as executives, in both the private sector and the public one

Our Department’s staff members and myself invite you to participate in the experience of study and research at NREM.

Prof. Ofira Ayalon

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management was established in 1998, with the aim of offering academic training in the previously-unaddressed field of environmental systems and policy studies.

The University of Haifa is a pioneer, and it is a leading voice in Israel in this unique field.

The Department offers three MA and an MBA programs:

  1. Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  2. Energy Policy and Management
  3. Management of Sustainable Built Environment
  4. An International MBA Program Specializing in Sustainability (in English)

In addition, the department offers a Doctoral program.

We invite you to read further in the department’s different web pages, and to contact us for more information.