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About us

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management was established in 1998 with the purpose to bestow high-level academic education in this field of studies by using an interdisciplinary approach. The University of Haifa is a pioneer and a leader in the field of environmental management studies, and provides a unique study setting for the learning of environmental policy management. The Department is unique for its balanced approach to coping with dilemmas relating to natural resources in a managerial and practical orientation focusing on sustainability..

The Department offers MA and PhD degrees. The interdisciplinary MA program includes courses on environmental and economic subjects, managerial skills, and provides tools for coping with environmental issues. It serves as the basis for public policy setting, locally and worldwide. Two specialty tracks are offered: The Natural Resources and Environmental Management track and the Energy Policy and Management track. Training is based on a broad curriculum, which includes a combination of complementary courses in relevant subjects from social and managerial studies (economics, management, information systems, psychology and sociology), as well as natural sciences, law and technology. The Department and the Faculty of Management’s Department of Business Administration jointly offer an international Global Green MBA program in English.

The Department's programs are taught by faculty staff members, adjunct lecturers, and visiting professors who are all well-known and respected specialists in their field of expertise, including geomorphology, hydrology, evolutionary biology, ocean resources, air, waste management, energy, economics, management, environmental management, light pollution and many more.