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Dr. Lior Zalmanson



Lior Zalmanson


User engagement in online environments. Trust and commitment between users and websites. Internet business models for online content. Algorithmic Management and the Sharing Economy. 


Phone: 04-8240110

Office: Jacobs building, room 501
Office Hours: on prior appointment


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Dr. Lior Zalmanson is a lecturer (assistant professor) at the Information and Knowledge Management Department, University of Haifa.

His research interests include social media, online engagement, commitment, internet business models, creative experimentation, sharing economy and algorithmic management. His research has won awards and grants from Fulbright Foundation, Dan David Prize, Google, Marketing Science Institute, Social Informatics SIG among others. His Research was covered in The Times, Independent, PBS, Fast Company among others. His research has been published in Management Information Systems Quarterly and MIT Sloan Review. In 2016 he was appointed as a research fellow at the Metropolitan Museum Media Lab. In 2017, Lior has been a visiting assistant professor at NYU Stern, where he taught the "Information Technology for Business and Society" course.

Lior is also the founder of the Print Screen festival, Israel's digital culture festival, which connects internet researchers, activists and artists.

Furthermore, in his parallel life he is a grant and award-winning playwright and screenwriter whose recent film (about drone operators) received its debut at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Areas of Interest for Student Supervision

User engagement in online environments. Trust and commitment between users and websites. Internet business models for online content. Algorithmic Management and the Sharing Economy.

Selected Recent Publications

Balestra, M., Zalmanson, L., Cheshire, C., Arazy, O., & Nov, O. (2017) “It was Fun, but did it Last” -The dynamic interplay between fun motives and contributors’ activity in peer-production. PACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 1(2), 21.

Zalmanson, L., & Oestreicher-Singer, G. (2016). Turning Content Viewers Into Subscribers. MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(3), 11.

Oestreicher-Singer, G., & Zalmanson, L. (2013). Content or community? a digital business strategy for content providers in the social age. MIS Quarterly, 37(2), 591-616.





Dr. Tamar Yogev


Research Interests: Economic sociology, Organization studies, Social networks, Sociology of culture and art
, creativity and innovation
Phone: 04-8288875
Office: Jacobs building, room 503
Office Hours: on prior appointment

Tamar Yogev is Lecturer at The Faculty of Management, University of Haifa. Her Ph.D. was earned at the University of Oxford. Tamar's main research interests include economic sociology, organization studies, social networks, sociology of culture and art, creativity and innovation. Her research has been published in journals such as The Academy of Management Journal, Socio-Economic Review, Social Networks and The American Journal of Epidemiology. She is a contributor to various books including The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation and On the Globalization of Contemporary Art Markets, and has been awarded a grant by the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation.

Academic Publications

Gokhan, Ertug, Tamar Yogev, Yonghoon Lee, and Peter Hedstrom (2016). "The Art of Representation: How Audience-Specific Reputations Affect Success in the Contemporary Art Field." Academy of Management Journal 59(1): 113-134

Yogev, Tamar, and Gokhan Ertug (2015). "Global and Local Flows in the Contemporary Art Market: The Growing Prevalence of Asia." In Olav Velthuis and Stefano Curioni (eds.) Cosmopolitan Canvases: The Globalization of Markets for Contemporary Art, pp. 193–213. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Shor, Eran, David J., Roelfs and Tamar Yogev (2013). "The Strength of Family Ties: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression of Self-Reported Social Support and Mortality." Social Networks 35: 626-638

Gilad, Sharon and Tamar Yogev (2012). “How Reputation Regulates Regulators: Illustrations from the Regulation of Retail Finance.” In Michael Barnett and Tim Pollock (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation, pp. 320–340. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Yogev, Tamar and Thomas Grund (2012). “Structural Dynamics and Market Outcomes: The Case of International Art Fairs.” Sociological Focus 45(1): 23-40

Roelfs, David J., Eran Shor, Rachel Kalish, and Tamar Yogev (2011). “The Rising Relative Risk of Mortality among Singles: Meta-analysis and Meta-regression.” American Journal of Epidemiology 174(4):379-389

Yogev, Tamar (2010). “The Social Construction of Quality: Status Dynamics in the Market for Contemporary Art.” Socio-Economic Review 8:511-536

Yogev, Tamar (2010). Drawing a fair picture: A study of the contemporary visual art market. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Oxford, supervised by Peter Hedstrom

Work in Progress

"Art worlds and the Internet: Emerging socio-technical configurations" (with Asaf Darr)

"Institutionalized Canon: Cultural Economics of the Visual Arts in Israel 2000-2010" (with Tally Katz-Gerro)

"Evaluation Processes and Purchase Decision Making in Online Markets: a Comparison of Uncertain and Standardized Markets" (with Artem Barger and Ron Bekkerman)

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