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shiri fadida

Design and Implementation of Information and Knowledge Management System

Practicum place: Elbit Systems

Student: Shiri Fadida

Advisor : Avner Paz

Elbit Systems is a multi-national team engaged in a variety of advanced technologies, Knowledge - is a product of learning which is essential functioning of any organization and Elbit particular.

The goals I set for myself in this work are: the characterization needs beyond characterizing current group engineers NPI drone (UAV) and a group of the MES, implementing and marketing information management system and knowledge.

Characterization needs and implementation was done in two different groups organization by considering the seven steps to be appropriate in order to maximize the integration of the system for managing information and knowledge: Assess What Knowledge is Required, Assess Degree of Organization Sharing and Retention, Obtain Senior Management Support, Design Integrated System of Tools and Technologies, Design Incentives for Use, Measure Impact, Promote and Advertise Success. The final product is a system that contains the following applications: document management, task management, forums, blogging, search tool for information (documents, people, sites).The contributions to the organization are: knowledge management groups in the MES and the NPI, increased sharing Elbit, the flow of knowledge and information between individuals and between groups of people to people cross-company-communication, a common environment.

My recommendation is to continue to support groups I created, to further develop the tool IFLOW, manage the process of raising live versions and care information and make sure information management will be part of our corporate culture.

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