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סמינר המרכז לחקר ארגונים: Approaches to Supporting Mental Health Online

ביום ד', 29.11.2017, בין השעות 18:00-16:00 יתקיים סמינר המרכז לחקר ארגונים וניהול המשאב האנושי,

הסמינר ייערך בחדר 506 (קומה 5), בניין ג'ייקובס, קמפוס אוניברסיטת חיפה


המרצה: Prof. Reeva Lederman, School of Computing and Information Sytems at The University of Melbourne

Reeva Lederman is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne and has been a faculty member since 2000. She leads the research area "People and Information" and co-ordinates the Computational Bioinformatics and Health Information Systems Research Group.  She is an active member of the international Health Information Systems research community. She has chaired the Health track at the ECIS conference in 2017 and will be health track chair at ECIS and ICIS in 2018. She is a past winner of the prestigious Stafford Beer Medal for IS Research and in 2014 she won the Melbourne School of Engineering annual teaching award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Lederman has over 70 peer reviewed publications and has published in top ranked journals such as EJIS and ToCHI and is a senior editor for Health Policy and Technology.


הנושא: Approaches to Supporting Mental Health Online: User Focussed and Ethical Issues


This seminar will discuss a long-term project developing online support for young people with depression and psychosis and the people who care for them.
In an environment where public funding for face-to-face psychological care is decreasing, governments and health providers are looking for online solutions to solve the increasing challenge of mental illness. However, while there are thousands of online mental health apps available, very few are clinically tested or have been shown to support adherence. This seminar will address appropriate design strategies for creating useable online services to support mental health as well as the ethical issues that information systems researchers face when working in the mental health domain.