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Issues in information and knowledge management in complex collections

Practicum place: Younes & Soraya Nazarian, The Media Department, University of Haifa

Student: Ravit Forte

Advisor: Ora Zehavi

The purpose of the project, was to absorb, prepare for use and handle the video tapes collection (audio visual material) of holocaust survivors, through the library means, and to save and preserve these audio visual materials. The audio visual materials are part of a universal project of holocaust commemoration, collecting first hand testimonies done by Yale University ("Fortunoff video archive testimonies at Yale"), for various purposes, e.g., research and education. The challenge of this project was combining the audio visual data found in the library, of Haifa university, while connecting it to the center in Yale university, adding the Hebrew subtitles to some of the interviews, solving the problem of identifying the interviewees, while making the data accessible (controllably) to the users of Haifa University. In practice, the purpose of the project changed and the urgency in absorbing the tapes decreased. I decided to deal with various challenging issues related to managing a large amount of complex data comprising of audio visual collections of history told by heart. I examined issues related to information and knowledge management, focused on the user's experience. I wrote a characterization document, which offers tools for handling complex collection. My hope is that my work and conclusions may assist the Media department in handling accessibility of complex collections in the future.