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About the Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management’s goal is to be at the forefront of academic education and research, relevant to a broad range of Israeli sectors and industries within the global environment.

The Faculty of Management at the University of Haifa was founded in 1996. The founding director was Prof. Eliezer Shlifer, who then became Dean of the Faculty, followed by Prof. Nahum Biger, Prof. Ilan Meshoulam, Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, and today's Dean Prof. Yossi Yagil. The faculty is located in Haifa’s University’s beautiful campus on Mount. Carmel, just south of the city of Haifa, nestling within the Carmel Mountain National Park.

In 2007 the Graduate School of Business consolidated its new identity as the Faculty of Management by offering about ten differentiated MBA and MA programs. In 2010 the faculty became independent with distinct departments for: Business Administration, Natural Resources and Environmental Management and Information and Knowledge Management. In addition, many students are registered in the faculty’s Ph.D. programs and the supplementary track toward Ph.D. studies, for the completion of a thesis by those students who hold a Master’s degree without thesis.

The Business Administration Department offers six MBA programs for Executives, or EMBA programs: the oldest one of which is the general EMBA program in Hebrew. In addition, there are specific EMBA programs in Hebrew specializing in Non-Profit Organizations Management, Real Estate Valuation and Management, Strategic Management of Human Resources, Insurance and Risk Management. There is also the International EMBA which is conducted in English, focused on doing business in Asia; Japan, India and the People’s Republic of China in particular. In addition, the Faculty offers an international MBA degree specializing in Sustainability, in English.

The Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department offers MA programs in two optional tracks: an MA with thesis / Research Project and an MA without a thesis. Another MA program in the department specializes in the Policy and Management of Energy Resources. In addition, there is a PhD program in Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

The Information and Knowledge Management Department was founded in February 2011 and less than a year after, on October 2011 a second cycle was opened. The department offers MA programs to train researchers and practitioners in this developing field. The MA program offers knowledge and tools for employees in all sectors manage the information and knowledge resources in the organization.

A great deal of our students is senior executives, military officers, physicians or high ranking government officials. A large number already hold graduate degrees in various fields, and for them the MBA will be an additional graduate degree. More than half the students are engineers and most of our students are employed in managerial positions.

The MBA Programs are taught by the Faculty's fulltime (research) faculty members bolstered by dozens of adjunct  lecturers who are specialists in various practical subjects, and are recruited per subject, as visitors from abroad, from other institutions and from industry.

The faculty operates several research centers which focus on specific topics, it also has 30 students at various levels of study for a Doctoral degree and operates two centers of research, focusing on specific issues: The Center for Internet researchThe Center foe the Study of Organizations and Human Resource ManagementThe Interdisciplinary Center of Research on Emotions, and The Natural Resource and Environmental Research Center.

The Faculty of Management is unique for several reasons, one of which being its senior-positioned and highly experienced students, in comparison to students in other business schools. Another unique quality is our distinct academic vision which is among the most innovative in Israel. We were the first to offer designated programs in real-state and valuation management, non-profit organizations management, education institutions management, strategic management of human resources, and insurance and risk management. In addition to these pioneering programs in the Business Administration Department, the Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department and the Information and Knowledge Management Department both offer exclusive MA programs which are unique in the domestic academic landscape. We are in the forefront among Israeli business schools in developing online business games and simulations, and using them in our MBA/MA programs.

The curricula of our MBA programs are unique in Israel, because of their  focus on the completeness and integration of managerial knowledge and skills, rather than a single specialization.
All programs in the Faculty of Management emphasize bridge-building between Academia and Industry.
The general MBA program includes a special course which brings together all the students with CEOs of Israeli companies industry to understand their management practices and the methods they use in dealing with an unpredictable business environment. In addition, CEOs and leading industrialists give guest lecturers in a special “Business Forum” and in select courses. The International EMBA focuses on doing business with Asia and cooperates with the School of Economics and Management of the University of Tongji in Shanghai, one of the leading universities in China.

Our programs have been rated as highly attractive by students and in surveys performed by independent journals and international evaluation bodies. The school has a proud body of alumni with over 1500 graduates.