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The Department of Knowledge and Information Management

The department operates according to the iSchools model, which focuses on the study of the relationship between information, man, and technology.

The Department has a unique curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge from the worlds of management, economics, behavioral sciences and computer science, with practical tools and skills required for employees in the information age.

The goal of the department is to train researchers in a groundbreaking field and to provide tools and skills that will enable the management of information and knowledge resources in organizations and to determine information policies.

Faculty members specialize in a wide range of information related fields: social network analysis, machine learning and data science, entrepreneurship, information security, information systems management, virtual community management and more.


Registration for the 2018/2019 academic year begins on 21/01/2018!

Registration is done through the University of Haifa Registration Portal.

After registering in the portal, the candidate is required to fill a questionnaire and send it to the department's secretariat by email or fax: 04-8249194.

Relevant candidates invited to the entrance examination.

For further information, please contact the department coordinator, Anna Veber.

· 04-8288963