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A message from the Head of the Department

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management is a young department, built on the tradition of Information Schools or iSchools. Our department offers interdisciplinary graduate studies including social, technological, contextual, and research aspects of the world of information, mainly digital information. We assign great importance to research because we believe it allows a broad and deep take on things, while providing tools to comprehend the major and rapid changes occurring in the world of information. The basis of the program is theoretical but relates constantly to the actual fascinating events taking place throughout the world. For that purpose, we recruit the best lecturers; each of them a specialist in his or her field of expertise who teaches out of true interest and genuine will to provide students with appropriate knowledge and tools. Furthermore, for those students who are interested in a more practical approach, we offer a practicum in a number of organizations and see them through the whole process.

We cherish the values of sharing and cooperation and thus our department enjoys an especially pleasant atmosphere, which is important for the success of coping with the significant challenges that the studies provide. Other than the formal study cohort, instructors and students alike take part in social networks (such as our Facebook group) for the purpose of sharing, communication, and even job openings that we receive. The classroom meetings, the warm atmosphere and direct communication via social networks are the basis for professional cooperation, employment and research opportunities in the field, which allow the absorption of the study material in a professional and high-standard setting.

The department allows its students personal professional growth by cultivating ties with departments in the university, by cooperating with prominent professionals, researchers in and outside the country, public organizations, and business companies, and by advancing the knowledge community country wide.

In sum, we have constructed a department that offers a rich and challenging program, within a campus that offers a great atmosphere, a superb library and a breathtaking view. In years to come, we will be striving and working diligently to further develop the department’s international connections and to be a source of pride to our Master’s alumni and the entire Israeli information community.

Kind Regards,

Dr. David Bodoff, Head

Information and Knowledge Management Department