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About us

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management is an academic unit within the Faculty of Management and is headed by Dr. David Bodoff. The department collaborates with the Center for Internet Research, which is headed by Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli.

The department was established in 2011 in the iSchool model, focusing on the relations between Information, people, and technology.

The Department’s goals are to train researches in a young and growing academic field, and to provide professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge to help them manage the information and knowledge resources in their organizations.

The Department offers MA and PhD degrees. The MA program includes elective courses on managerial aspects of knowledge and information resources, including information policy and the tracking, retrieving, organizing, and use of information. Two specialty tracks are offered in librarianship and archiving. The curriculum is characterized by the merging of theoretical, analytical and research topics. The program also offers the technical training required for information planning and for provision of knowledge services in a variety of environments. The goal is to provide students with the ability to effectively manage and mediate information and knowledge at the organizational level.

The target audience

Bachelor’s degree holders from the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, law, and humanities, who seek to specialize in information and knowledge topics, and in the organization of information in the individual’s original field of expertise.

Professionals who hold a Bachelor’s degree and work in the field of information and knowledge, who seek to expand and deepen their knowledge in this ever-evolving trade, allowing the individual to advance in his or her current workplace.