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The Department of Business Administration in the University of Haifa aspires to be a leader in teaching and academic research in disciplines that are essential to Israeli companies and organizations, especially those operating in a global context. The Department is an independent body within the Faculty of Management in University of Haifa. It was established in 2011 to continue the legacy and core activities of the Faculty of Management. The current head of department is Prof. Shay S. Tzafrir. The Department is located in one of the most beautiful campuses in the country - on top of Mt. Carmel and next to the Mt. Carmel natural reserve.

The Department of Business Administration offers several MBA programs with different specializations, including a General Program, a program for the Management of Non-Profit Organizations, a program for the Strategic Management of Human Resources, a program for Real Estate Valuation and Management (in Hebrew), and an International Business program (in English). In addition to the Master’s programs, the department offers a Doctoral program specializing in the different fields of Business Administration, as well as a preliminary program for the completion of Master’s Thesis to those who hold a Master’s degree without Thesis and are interested in Doctoral studies..

The Department takes pride in three components that contribute to its uniqueness and allow its alumni to excel. The first critical component of the Department’s uniqueness is the students. Our students are of the highest caliber, hold diverse bachelor degrees and have documented practical experience as managers, army officers, doctors or government officials. Many students already have advanced degrees in a professional field, to which they seek to add a formal qualification in Business Administration in order to promote their managerial careers.

The second critical and unique factor leading to the Department’s success is its faculty members. The Department's programs are taught by faculty members who are renowned researchers and are diligent in the passing on and sharing their accumulative knowledge with the students. In addition to our faculty members, we enjoy the presence of adjunct lecturers and visiting professors who are handpicked in their fields of expertise. All of these instructors come from leading universities inside and outside of Israel or from the industry. On top of the academic staff’s activity, the Department enjoys the benefit of a number of research centers which operate under the auspices of the Department and focus on specific fields: The Center for the Study of Organizations and Human Resource Management, the Center for Internet Research and the Interdisciplinary Center of Research on Emotions.

A third and vital contributor to the Department's success is the quality of service provided by its best-in-class and extremely helpful administrative team. We are proud of this excellent staff which is distinct in its attitude towards service. Anyone who had previously encountered the “no can do” attitude, would be pleasantly surprised from our staff’s “let’s do” refreshing approach, when coming in contact with it.

In addition to the above three key factors (quality of students, academic staff and administrative staff), the Department possesses a number of advantages. These originated in the high level of innovation that was required to bring forth our academic vision:

The Department is proud in its belief in values and believes that we must qualify our students to graduate in every field of management (as appose to distinct specific specializations of management), and hence prepare them for highest-ranked positions in their fields of employment.

The Department has led innovative MBA programs specializing in: Real Estate Valuation, Non-Profit Organizations, Ports and Shipping, and Strategic Management of Human Resources. The international Program focuses on doing business in Asia and is the only one in Israel with senior visiting professors from China and India. Another program in English is our Global Green MBA Program, the first of its kind in Israel.

The Department is assisted by complementary activities inside the faculty in the development and implementation of computerized simulations and online Business Games.

The Department’s aspires to build bridges between academia and the real world of business and does so through meetings with leading CEOs and VPs in Israeli industry.

To sum up, it is no surprise then that the department’s programs are highly ranked according to many of the criteria that are examined in international surveys and the Israeli media.

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