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About the Department


The Department was founded in the format known as “school of information” or i-school. The main idea of the i-school movement is to develop an academic field that considers information in all its aspects – what is its value? how does it spread? what information do people share, and with whom? and so on – with information as the focal concept.


We place supreme importance on research. The M.A. program is grounded in theory but is applied to current developments, and real data is used in relevant coursework.


Graduates of the M.A. program are qualified to work in positions that are directly related to information, such as User Engagement Manager, Data Scientist, and positions in competitive intelligence, online marketing, privacy policy, and careers in Internet-related startups. But today, many positions require information professionals – law firms that deal with information-related issues, bus and taxi companies that live and die on their app, health services that depend on electronic medical records, and so on. This is the hot profession of … now!

Graduates of the Ph.D. program are prepared to work as full-time faculty members in research universities in Israel and abroad, in research labs in industry, and in other senior positions related to information.


We strive to provide a particularly congenial environment. The department’s students and lecturers participate in social media (such as our Facebook group) to communicate, and to view the job offers that frequently come our way. Faculty members also involve our students in the collaborations we have with businesses, government, non-profits, and other universities in Israel and abroad.  The family atmosphere, the unmediated communication afforded by social media, and the collaborative work, create a thriving professional network.

In summary

We have created a department with a rich and challenging curriculum to study an exciting new field, in a supportive ambiance. Please contact us with any inquiry.