Dr. Daniel Haber

Dr Daniel HaberPh. D in Economics; MBA, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris
Graduate from Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

President France Pacific Consultants, consulting company specialized in assisting corporations in their international development in Asia, since 1986.


Business experience

◘    Two years of research in Tokyo (1965-1967), on the international commercial relations of Japan. A book on Japanese Trading Houses, Sogo Shosha (published in France and in Japan in 1974/1975, under the supervision of Raymond Barre, former Prime Minister of France)

◘    Forty years of practice in international business and trade

◘    Former Adviser to the French Minister of Foreign Trade (1976 and 1986-1988)


Teaching positions

◘    Professor at SIMBA (Shanghai International MBA) of the University of Tongji.

◘    Professor at the MBA of the University of Haifa, Israel

        Professor at the Global MBA of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlya, Israel


◘    Co-writer of the Report to the Prime Minister by the French Economic and Social Council on "The European and French Policies towards Japan", July 1991.

◘    Supervision of a doctoral thesis by a Chinese student (Ms Viviane QIN) on the “Management issues in Western-Chinese joint-ventures”.

◘    Research for the "Institut du Pacifique" on the common features and the relationships among the countries part of the Asia-Pacific region


Author of 12 books on the economy of Japan, China and Israel (in French)




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