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The department encourages its students to apply and to compete for grants, awards and scholarships.

In this category links can be found to calls for applications and to scholarship websites.
We recommend that you, the department’s students, access these links occasionally and review the scholarships and calls for applications. We, on our part, will do everything we can to support the applications you file.

University of Haifa

Master's Degree Scholarships – University of Haifa (the Authority for Advanced Studies)

We recommend that you read the University of Haifa's Master's Degree Scholarships Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations describe the variety of scholarships granted to master's degree students by the University of Haifa (through the Authority of Advanced Studies), the process of submitting applications/recommendations for the scholarship and the acceptance criteria.

Scholarships from external funds (the Authority of Authority of Advanced Studies)

Calls for applications from external funds and research centers are sent to the Authority of Advanced Studies at the University of Haifa and are listed on the Authority's website.

List of scholarships on the University of Haifa's Dean of Students’ website

Scholarships from various bodies are listed and published on the website of the Dean of Students of the University of Haifa – socio-economic based scholarships and scholarships for excellence.


  1. Scholarships on the Ministry of Education's website – a list of all the funds that grant scholarships according to various criteria
  2. List of scholarships on the website of National Union of Israeli Students
  3. The joint student relief fund of the Council for Higher Education and The Ministry of Education and Culture –
    Call for Applications
    Instructions and Guidelines
  4. Scholarships from the Ministry of Science and Technology
  5. Mifal Hapais Scholarships (scholarships for the general public, full tuition scholarships, single year scholarships, scholarships for the Arab sector)
  6. ISEF Scholarships (the international foundation for education)
  7. HAIS Scholarships (new immigrants)
  8. Naamat Scholarships (female students only)
  9. The Revadim Project in collaboration with the University of Haifa (enrichment on topics related to Judaism and current affairs)

Research scholarships

  1. The Natan Dorset Scholarships for research of the Holocaust
    Call for Applications
    Scholarship Application form
  2. Scholarships for Research in the field of aging in the community on behalf of the “Fund for the Promotion of the Study of Aging" of the Center for Research and Study of Aging
    Call for Applications
    Scholarship Application form