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Student Services

Social media

In addition to didactic and conventional (frontal) teaching, the department invests a great deal of effort in creating an active community on the academic level and a scholastic and family-like environment on the social level.
Communication among the students, other than during the actual classes, takes place on a personal level, in learning groups and in the various course forums on the course websites on the department’s Moodle system.
In addition to the students’ activity in the professional and academic communities and on the social media, there is a closed group for the department's students and staff on Facebook. (The group consists solely of students and staff, and anyone not included in this group and interested in obtaining current information can go to the department’s Facebook page). The group enables informal sharing of common interests and discussions related to the studies. A variety of job offers that are sent to the department and the faculty, which are relevant to the students, are published in the group.


Classes are held in the classrooms in the Jacobs Building in the Mount Carmel Campus of the University of Haifa. The classrooms are modern and well-equipped – the campus wireless network, audiovisual equipment, electric outlets on the desks, and the classroom structure all facilitate advanced learning.
We recommend that students obtain private laptop computers for their studies, since most of the study material is available on the course websites on the department's Moodle system.

Conference rooms for group work

Most of the learning that takes place outside of the conventional classroom lessons takes place in small study groups. To that end, the Jacobs Building is equipped with a number of conference rooms, which are at the disposal of the Faculty of Management students. The keys to the conference rooms are available at the Faculty of Management secretariat, located on the sixth floor of the building (room 605). The building is open until 21:45 (9:45 PM) on Sunday-Thursday (with the exception of holidays and collective leave – details and special notices are published on the University website and via the departments’ secretariats).
There are also group study rooms in the new wing of the University's library. The conference rooms are equipped with communications outlets and an LCD screen, to which a laptop can be connected for joint work. The conference rooms are open during library opening hours and can be booked in advance through the library secretariat at: 04-8240289.
In addition to the group study rooms, the library has work stations for working on desktop and/or laptop computers as well as spacious reading rooms.

Connecting to the computerized systems

Libraryremote connection to the library servers (from outside the university campus) is done via the library website (select “connect from home”) with the username and password of your email account on campus. It is important to emphasize that searching on Google Scholar and linking to a full text from the library is possible only after connecting via the link that appears afterwards. The same is true for access to databases and electronic items.
The username and password can be found via the student information and services portal (in “email account details"). Connection to this portal is done via the SSO system where the username and password are the student's ID number (9 digits of the ID number, if the password has not yet been changed). The portal of information and services can also be used to view the details of the tuition account, exams, grades, permits ordered, and more.

Interlibrary Loan – articles and books can be borrowed free of charge from the Technion, if they do not exist in the University library. The service is provided by the Department for Interlibrary Loan. To request the service, access the library website and select the interlibrary loan option.

Course websites – log on to the Moodle System by typing the student's ID number (9 digits) as the username and password. After logging on, the password and the various settings can be changed by clicking on the username you are connected with.

Support – If you encounter a problem in the connecting to the university's computerized services, contact the Computing Division's Support Center. If there is a problem with your browser settings you can also consult the guidelines of the Unit for Computer-Supported Teaching. You may also use the support center on Facebook.


Students with special needs and learning disabilities should review the Service Accessibility booklet of the Dean of Students for information regarding the services and their rights at the university.