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MA in Information and Knowledge Management

MA in Information and Knowledge Management

The goal of the program is to train researchers and professionals in a groundbreaking field of information. The studies fall roughly into two main aspects of information – individual and social behavior vis-à-vis information (behavioral), and techniques from the world of data science for analyzing information (technical and business). The program draws on various fields of study such as social sciences, management, and computer science, but focuses them on a single target – to understand information, how it is created (behavioral) and how to extract value from it (technical and business).

Graduates can pursue various careers, as a data scientist, user engagement manager, and jobs in competitive intelligence, targeted marketing, privacy policy, and many others.

Program of study for 2017-2018 academic year (as example)

There are two study tracks – research track with thesis, and applied track with capstone project.

In both tracks, there is the possibility of also obtaining a diploma addendum in library studies.

Requirements for Graduation

Graduates receive an MA degree from the university in Information and Knowledge Management.

  • The research track require 32 credit points plus a thesis.
  • The applied track requires 40 credit hours plus a capstone project.

Studies in the research track must take at least two courses with projects.

To be eligible for MA degree, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of 76 or higher. The GPA is calculated as follows:

  • Research Track:
    • Courses (required and electives) 40%
    • Course projects 20%
    • Thesis grade 40%
  • Applied Track:
    • Courses (required and electives) 60%
    • Course projects 20%
    • Capstone Project 20%