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Global Green Curriculum

Global Green MBA - Tentative Program

The curriculum of the Global Green MBA consists of 44 Credites. The courses are organized in five study periods each with duration of eight weeks, starting in October. The applied project is developed by the students during study period V and entitles to three credits.
Core courses in Business Administration
For a short description of the courses in Business Administration- Click here

Course Title                                          Credits    
Business Game 4
Business Strategy 2
Financial Accounting 2
Financial Management 2
Information Systems 2
Managerial Economics 2
International Organizational Behavioral 2
Marketing Management 2
Marketing Strategy 2
Project Management 2
Quantitative Methods 2
Financial Statement Analysis 1
Environmental Systems Analysis 2

Core courses in Environmental Management and Sustainability

For a short description of the courses in Environmental Management and Sustainability- Click here

Course Title                                          Credits    
Environmental Impact Assessment 2
Environmental Law and Policy 2
Environmental Management Systems     2
Principles of Sustainability 2
Resource and Environmental Economics 2
Cleantech Sustainability and Business 1
Applied Project 4
Green Entrepreneurship 2
* The curriculum is subject to changes without notice. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.